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 Introduce yourself

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PostSubject: Introduce yourself   Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:08 am

Hi everyone,

i was looking forward to see a topic like this, where i could get to read a bit more about all of you,
because i'm new to Koc, and new to the most of you.
it's always fun to know who i'm playing with Very Happy

I will start offcourse,
My english isn't what it needs to be. so there obviously will be a lot of wrong words in it Very Happy
hopefully you can understand me, and otherwise just ignore me, haha Very Happy

My first days were at KOC a whole time ago,
Guess it was the first ages of koc,
i spend my time in Relentless Family,
together with my bro EDC.
But because it was ages ago, and years ago, i don't remember a lot,
i was 14 years or something around that..

But then i started playing another game because the english was too hard for me,
i couldn't communicate decently so..

But a few years later i started playing ROC, because i followed a lot of players who went from KOC to ROC,
and started playing in ROC for a few ages,
i guess i played ages 2, 3.6, 4b, 4, 5, 6, 7, and now 10
always a loyal member of RF/ R / RDN / DN.

So i guess that's a bit my KOC/ROC history Very Happy
And now i'm here back in KoC !

If you have more questions just ask Wink

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Introduce yourself
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