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 Battle Field Policy (yay...not)

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PostSubject: Battle Field Policy (yay...not)   Fri Mar 02, 2012 4:15 am

Lets keep this short and sweet since no body likes BF policies or lawyer mumbo jumbo.

- Recruiting isnt really smiled upon, but actions wont be taken against people for it. It is your job as a commander to keep your officers happy. We, TNE believe that if the officer/commander bound is strong you have nothing to worry about. But if caught recruiting from our chain, dont be surprised if we recruit from yours Wink

- Low hits, don't hit for garbage, its a waste of your turns silly.
*Steal 1HR TBG (TFF*60), first offense will be a warning from the TNE member, second expect 10 turns of sabbs. Retaliation will lead to approval.

- No Raiding, its considered an act of war. If done on accident, message the person with an apology.
* 1st offense warning, second expect 10 turns of sabbs.(unless considered a mass by BF Mod, see "Massing".)

- No Mass Raid/attacking with intention to damage weapons or kill troops.
* 24hr approval, retaliation will lead to further approval.

- Defended hits suck you already wasted 150 turns, just apologize in a message.
*Happens more than once expect 10 turns of sabbs. Retaliation will lead to approval.

- We condone farming, KoC allows you to attack 10 times a day, so do we.

- Unprovoked Sabbs, 24 hour approval, and a message from a Battlefield Moderator.
*Any retaliation is +24 hours on approval time.

- In Chain Hits are allowed, dont hit for poop though Razz

If your Policy is more strict we will hold you to it. Cases may also be resolved with gold payment. See BF Mod if in need of assistance, we are reasonable.

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Battle Field Policy (yay...not)
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